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The sun has definitely got his hat on, and we’re experiencing the hottest temperatures recorded since 2003 today, but over the last few weeks we’ve been working to create warmer properties across Carlisle and District – and thanks to the Warmer Communities Carlisle scheme, we secured funding towards the upgrade so this happy couple are now celebrating #TheGreatIndoors!

Park Homes

Park homes are known as a great retirement option as they are smaller that conventional properties, easy to maintain and have a great sense of community however there are a few setbacks when it comes to energy savings.

Whilst their unique construction offers many positives, it could also mean the property is energy inefficient, losing heat quicker than some traditional properties.

The consequence? High cost to heat because even on hot days like today, heat leaks out and residents may experience colder evenings. Providing the key to energy efficiency, Warmer Communities has the solution.

Turning Cold Houses into Warm Homes

Since being established in October 2018, we have worked alongside Carlisle City Council under the Warmer Communities Carlisle Scheme, delivering energy efficient upgrades that reduce fuel costs and turning cold houses into warm homes.

Mr and Mrs P applied for help to upgrade their home and were awarded grant funding through Homelife Carlisle City Council’s Home Improvement Agency.

The grants have enabled the residents to benefit from a mixture of insulation and heating measures.

Here is the step-by-step process that show the property before and after the installation of our External Wall Insulation…see how we do it here


The Key to Energy Savings - 01228 812 867

External Wall Insulation is an extremely effective solution to heat loss in properties that have a single, solid wall.


External Wall Insulation means Savings

There are plenty of benefits to having External Wall Insulation fitted by our award-winning experts:

☀️  Reduce energy costs by up to 40% in a Park Home

☀️ Reduce the amount of fuel needed to stay warm thus reducing your Carbon Footprint

☀️  Stay Warmer

☀️ Improve the look of the property with a beautiful finish



It’s clear Mr and Mrs P are very pleased with their newly upgraded home – now it’s your turn!

It’s easy to apply for funding through Warmer Communities – simply text WARM to 6077 or call 01228 812 867

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