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In time for the colder months, our new slogan has been unveiled and we are happy to reveal that we are ‘Opening Doors to Energy Savings’ for residents across Carlisle, Cumbria, the North East and further afield!

Warmer Communities are a Community Interest Company who provide access to funding, advice and installation of energy improvements. Established from the profits of leading providers of Whole House Energy Solutions, Thrift Energy, the vision is to alleviate Fuel Poverty and reduce the number of households who are subject to low income and high fuel bills.

The landscape is changing when it comes to energy use. New legislation has been introduced to reduce the impact of energy consumption on the planet. Policies such as Net Zero details The Government’s aim to reach 0 carbon emissions by 2050. Furthermore, Landlords must improve the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) of properties to a minimum standard before being permitted to let our properties, in line with changes to Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES).

Such objectives will only be reached when significant changes are made to energy – and the easiest place to start is at home.

Securing funding from multiple avenues and keeping it under one roof makes it easy for households to access the help they need from one place and it also means more people can qualify than ever before, these opportunities are reflected in our slogan.

We are working alongside Carlisle City Council Home Improvement Agency, Homelife, providing access to a combination of grants that cover the cost of essential energy improvements for households  in Carlisle and District.

It is easy for residents to contact Warmer Communities who do all of the work from enquiry to install. Recently, a project has been completed to install External Wall Insulation, with costs subsidised by Carlisle City Council discretionary housing grants, ECO and through our ECO flexible eligibility scheme. Committed to the support of residents through project start to finish, was Homelife Officer, Jack Dilley.

Warmer Communities can access further funding such as Foundations Independent Living Trust grants through the strong relationship with Homelife, and client contributions will be assessed on a case by case basis.

Happy customers enjoying their warmer home- 01228 812 867
Mr and Mrs P are enjoying warmer home through upgrades and funding accessed through Warmer Communities

“The idea was simple – to showcase the energy saving opportunities provided by Warmer Communities. An open door represents opportunity, whilst it’s the first point of access in a home, just like Warmer Communities, who aim to be the number one point of contact for energy saving advice, funding and more.” – Jennifer West, Marketing Assistant

Warmer Communities Director Josh Raffo adds, “Our success in securing such diverse funding solutions means we can provide a whole house approach to energy savings for more residents than ever. Working alongside Carlisle City Council Home Improvement Agency Homelife, we have recently completed large scale project that is helping an entire neighborhood stay warm and lower bills thanks to External Wall Insulation. We have also delivered heating improvements to many more homes and with more opportunities on the horizon we wanted to make it easy to understand we are here to create opportunities for energy savings, keeping is simple as we deal with everything from enquiry to install”.

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