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Now that it’s warming up outside, you may be tempted to neglect what is going on indoors – which is why we’ve launched our new ‘#TheGreatIndoors’ campaign. First Time Central Heating holds a lot of benefits, and grant funding is available to residents of Carlisle and District for a limited time. Read on and call 01228 812 867 to qualify.

Cold homes cause problems, and no matter the time of year, inefficient heating systems can cost you, affecting the following:


According to the NHS, when temperatures drop below 8 C there is a higher risk to health. An increased chance of flu, pneumonia and even heart attacks is observed when homes are cold. First Time Central Heating reduces health risks by maintaining a steady temperature throughout your home.


When a house is cold and hard to heat, more money is spent keeping warm. The Energy Savings Trust state Electric is the most costly way to heat but Central Heating remains the most cost-effective way to heat a home. With thermostat controls you can maintain a steady temperature, reducing fuel bills.


Electricity is a high carbon fuel, which contributes to Global Warming and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) urge for a reduction in Carbon emissions. First Time Central Heating and Mains gas connections replace inefficient systems that burn Carbon at such a rapid rate, therefore benefitting the environment.


First Time Central Heating is the most cost-effective way to heat a home, making it a more appealing property to let out. Landlords will benefit from an increase in property value as a result of this whereas Tenants will feel much more content in their rented property.


Mental health can also be damaged due to cold homes. The NHS state that cold homes can affect those with conditions such as depression and dementia. First Time Central Heating staves away cold effectively, helping combat this problem.

In partnership with Carlisle City Council and since securing The Warm Homes Fund, set up by National Grid and administered by Affordable Warmth Solutions, we are working towards overcoming these issues by delivering First Time Central Heating – even for Private Rented Tenants and Landlords.

Through the Fuel Poor Network Extension Scheme, even off-gas properties can benefit as funding is available to cover the cost of Mains gas connections in rural areas.

“We take a Whole House approach to make sure properties are well insulated and retain as much heat as possible” – Leon Cowley, Project Development Manager

At least 200 properties across Carlisle and District will benefit from First Time Central Heating, which could be fully funded, and it doesn’t stop there. Through Whole House surveys, we assess properties for further insulation and heating measures to improve energy efficiency, covering costs through funding such as ECO3.

Funding is not wholly dependent on household income and is subject to a free, whole house survey.

If you’re a Carlisle resident, register your interest for funding 01228 812 867

or Text WARM to 60777.

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