Is your boiler making creepy noises? Fear not! Here is a quick list of boiler types to help you understand they types of boilers which may suit your home. No tricks, all treats.
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What’s that sound? Is that a ghost or a ghoul?

Creaking, banging, gurgling and groaning – is it a ghost? Actually, it could be your boiler or heating system going bump in the night!
Heating your home accounts for 55% of your total energy bill which can be a haunting, sorry we mean daunting task for your boiler in colder months causing terrifying breakdowns.

We can help
Under the new ECO3 guidelines, Warmer Communities can secure funding for FREE* heating and insulation improvements including boiler upgrades, to keep heating nightmares at bay.

We only use trusted and accredited installers – there is no trick in this treat!

Give us a call on 01228 812 867 for a FREE eligibility check or email us.
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Tell-tale signs

Have you noticed any clunking, banging, whistling or gurgling? These are known as ‘kettling’ sounds and are a sign your boiler may need replacing.
Depending on your boiler type, noises can vary and may indicate small or larger issues.

Trapped air can be easily removed by a qualified boiler expert however more complex issues such as limescale or sediment deposits can lead to leaking, reducing energy-efficiency and eventually resulting in significant damage.

Never attempt boiler repairs yourself, only trust the experts. Contact Warmer Communities for FREE advice if you have concerns over noises or want to improve your energy-efficiency: 01228 812 867

What type of boiler would work for me?

There are different factors that affect which choice of boiler is best for each home, but here is some information on the various types and remember, our fully trained energy advisors are experienced in assessing your needs, so you can be assured that we will recommend the best choice of boiler to keep your home warm – and your energy bills as low as possible.

Connected to mains gas and need a low-cost option?

Gas boilers are recommended by The Energy Savings Trust (EST) because unlike other options they heat fuel per kWh.
If you’re not connected to mains gas, you may want to consider a form of low carbon heating such as a heat pump or biomass which may have a lower overall cost thanks to the renewable heat incentive but you CAN get connected, Warmer Communities can help gain access to funding towards whole house energy-efficient solutions, enquire HERE.

Combi, or combination boilers function as an energy-efficient water heater and a central heating boiler in one compact unit, making them ideal for small properties.
They are cost-effective and create powerful showers because water is heated instantly and dispensed at mains pressure – there is no need for a separate cylinder for storage.

These traditional or heat only boilers are linked to a separate hot water cylinder which is fed by a cold water storage tank, usually placed in the loft.
If your home is equipped with a traditional heating system and you use a lot of hot water at once, this may be the most suitable replacement.

Properties with old radiator systems may not be able to cope with the high pressure water that combi boilers supply.

Hot water and heating components are built into these boilers so there’s no need for a loft tank however they do require cylinders to store water.
Environmentally beneficial and economical to run, these boilers are compatible with solar water heating systems to help cut energy costs.

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If you wish to make an enquiry online you can do so here and a member of our team will get back to you.

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